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Why Buy American Grown Niger Seed?

1. American Grown Seed is Alive and Fresh

All imported niger seed has been ordered sterilized by the USDA to prevent importation of noxious weed seed with the niger.

2. Buying American Grown Niger Helps Strengthen the U.S. Dollar

Like many other imported products, imported niger contributes to our trade imbalance.  Buying American Niger will create jobs and help American farmers.  This crop does not receive any government subsidies, and none of your tax dollars go to support this crop.

3. BIRDS prefer LIVE, AMERICAN GROWN EarlyBird NigerTM

All imported niger seed has been sterilized at 248 degrees, not to eliminate the mess under the feeder or toast it for the birds, but to kill invasive weed seeds.  No other birdseed is sterilized, only imported niger seed.

Among the most often-asked questions heard at Wild-Bird-Watching.com is "Should I bake birdseed to stop it from sprouting when it falls to the ground?" They do not recommend baking seed because it may change the value of its nutritional content, which defeats the purpose of using it in the first place.

4. No Noxious Weeds, No Storage Insecticides

When you buy American Niger seed there is no chance you will be importing dangerous exotic weeds into North America.  Also, imported niger seed is sometimes dusted with insecticide prior to storage (Weiss): http://www.fao.org/docrep/X5043E/x5043E0a.htm

5. No Support for Oppressive Governments 

By purchasing American Niger, you will not be providing Burma's brutal ruling junta with vital cash that helps to enforce its control.  In recent years Burma has emerged as one of the three top exporters of niger seed to the United States: http://www.earthrights.org

Buy American Grown Niger

  • For healthy birds
  • Help our trade imbalance
  • Support American farmers
  • This crop receives no subsidies
  • Keep invasive species out