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Unsolicited Testimonials

Here are a few comments we have recently received. We will add more as they come in...


75 Goldfinches!!! I have been trying to attract Goldfinches for the past 10 years with the imported niger seed. I would see the odd Goldfinch stop by, but they never stayed around. I started offering your EarlyBird Niger about 3 months ago and after about a week 1, then a few weeks later 8, and now 75+ Goldfinches come to visit each day!!! Thank you so much for your great American grown product!

I just began using EarlyBird Niger and now my neighbors are wondering why the finches spend most of their time at my feeders!  The Tits and Chickadees love it too!  I’m amazed at the difference.  Thank you.

I am in the process of sprouting the Niger seeds I purchased for my pets and I wanted to say that I am very happy with the quality of seed you supply.

I look forward to trying this seed with my birds. In addition to the canaries I have always raised Goldfinches to hybridize with the canaries. Thank you.

I have European Goldfinches and Red Factor Canaries.  I forgot to add the web address to my list of favorites so I was lost as to how to recommend your business on some of the YAHOO sites I belong to.  We've lamented the fact that most niger seed is heat treated and therefore not alive.  I am happy to recommend your product.

Thanks for your help.  My friend in Indiana is growing your Niger plants and they are gorgeous.  Now I want to try it as a treat for my bees here in Oregon.

I'm here to tell you that the finches like your Niger seed a lot better than the imported niger!!  I've got super happy birds. 

We have a local bee keeper who was very busy harvesting honey from this crop and is hoping we continue growing Niger. The bees loved it and the beeman said it made good honey.

Just wanted to let you know that I just re-ordered another quantity of your Niger seed.  Our goldfinches prefer your seed to imported niger.  In fact, they leave that one full while waiting for me to refill socks with your seed.  Had hundreds of the little buggers all winter long! 

Thanks for the quality of your product and keep up the good work!