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Niger Photo Gallery

Honeybee on a niger flower.

When it is warm and the sun is shinning,
it is difficult to take a  picture of niger
flowers without bees.

This picture was taken mid August in Oregon.

With lots of sun and space, a single plant
branches out and becomes a ball of flowers.
I have counted up to 400 flowers on a single
niger plant.

Niger Field Photo Gallery

Niger field just prior to bloom in Minnesota.

This niger field has finished blooming.

A swathed niger field seeded in 7 inch rows.

Breeding nursery seeded July 28th, picture
taken Oct 1st.  Rows 36 inches (note winter annual weeds).

Niger field seeded July15, 2005 in Illinois. Picture taken Oct 26th,
6 days after frost.  Rows 7 inches apart.  Plant height 25-30 inches.
120 heads per sq.ft.  10-14 seeds per head. Yield 450 pounds/acre. 
Potential is 25-30 seeds per head.

EarlyBird 50 Niger field in Oregon 2010.